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The Bank of America Art Conservation Project

The Bank of America Art Conservation Project provides grants to nonprofit museums to conserve historically or culturally significant works of art that are in danger of degeneration, including works that have been designated as national treasures. 
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Proposals for 2022 grants will be accepted through November 30, 2021.
For information on the application process, please click here.

David Hallam Conservation Research Award

Endangered Heritage Australia
David Hallam worked tirelessly to promote conservation, the science behind it, and the necessity for original research.
David himself worked in Metals conservation contributing to our understanding of the agents of deterioration, preventative conservation, collection care, passive treatments metal coatings, and anti-corrosion treatments, industrial finishes and so much more.
Notably, David was a great and eclectic thinker, who loved collaboration and cross-discipline projects. This research prize aims to keep the rules open, the guidelines simple, and the inclusion absolute.
The only real rule is, the research must be science-based and original.
It doesn’t have to be monumental or complex it just has to help us all to move, incrementally forward, in our knowledge and appreciation of the material evidence of our collective histories.

The objective of the Award
1. Recognition of original research contributing to the field of conservation.
2. Promoting Scientific Standards within Conservation and the need for conservation to be based on scientific investigation.
3. Support the industry with opportunities for recognition in excellence.

Submission Cost
The cost of submission for 2021 is covered by Endangered Heritage in memory of David Hallam his contribution to Materials conservation and the furthering of research in Australia and overseas.
The cost of submission in future years is still being determined as the initiative continues to expand.

Key Dates
5th December 2021 Midnight – Submissions Close
10th December 2021 – Submissions go out to judges for review
1st February 2022– Scores due back from the judges
1st March 2022 – Winners notified

! The applicants can also be from outside of Australia
! This award is open to everyone, meaning that the students are encouraged to contribute as well
Further information and registration here