Symposium “BACK, NOW, AND THEN 2023”

Understanding Dieter Roth’s POeMETRIE series & the Age of Plastics.

Bridging Science and Art The aim of this event is to bring together for the first time national and international professionals from different disciplines, such as the artists and scientists from conservation laboratories who work with modern-contemporary art to focus on the challenges related to art in the Age of Plastics, guided by a focus on the POeMETRIE series of Dieter Roth. We will examine and discuss the issues these works face, their relevance to plastic heritage in general, and how they reflect the evolution of the development of plastics.

The will take place in presence on October 12 and 13 at the Aula of the Academy of Fine Arts, Schillerplatz, Vienna.

The main topics that will be discussed are:
  • Comprehension of materials and techniques involving plastic-based artistic objects, in particular the POeMETRIE series of Dieter Roth.

  • Ageing and Degradation mechanisms and conservation strategies for plastics in museum collections.

  • Plastic and technological development.

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