Register to the International Conference, “Colours revealed – Polychrome Monuments in the Roman Provinces. Detection, Interpretation, Visualisation”!

The conference will focus on the polychrome appearance of stone monuments in the Roman provinces. Although numerous examples with well-preserved colour settings from different regions of the Roman Empire have survived, research into them is still in its infancy. In contrast to the sculptural and architectural heritage of the Mediterranean region, no comprehensive studies on the use, the extent, and the materiality of coloured surfaces on stone are yet available for the peripheral areas of the empire.
Corresponding to the diversity expressed in the form, syntax, semantics and style of the provincial sculptural works, no uniformity can be expected in the painting either. Individual examples show us that there must have been great differences in the fundamental treatment of the surfaces, in the painting technique, in the use of materials, but also in the respective contexts of installation and the corresponding intended effect of colourfulness.

The conference aims to contribute to a better understanding of these aspects by presenting research results from different regions and different types of material for discussion.
The focus will be on the following topics:
– New studies on monuments in the provinces with polychrome surfaces
– Materiality of polychromy (primers, binding agents, pigments, finish treatments)
– Painting techniques, relationship to wall paintings
– Non-invasive and invasive methods of investigation
– Polychromy in context, message and medial effect
– Presentation and visualisation of research results
– Conservation and restoration of polychrome surfaces in museum collections

Date: 20–21 March 2024
Location: Carnuntum/Kulturfabrik Hainburg

Gabrielle Kremer, Georg Plattner, Eduard Pollhammer, Robert Linke

ÖAI-ÖAW, Kultur Niederösterreich, Landessammlungen Niederösterreich, Bundesdenkmalamt, Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, Heritage Science Austria

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No conference fees will be charged, but please register by 8 March 2024 at the latest at gabrielle.kremer(at)