14th ASEM Workshop on Advanced Electron Microscopy

We are excited to announce the 14th ASEM Workshop on Advanced Electron Microscopy, a gathering aimed at fostering interdisciplinary exchange among electron microscopists from various fields.
At this conference, Leon Ploszczanski from BOKU University will be leading a presentation titled “Heritage en Detail: SEM and LM analysis of cultural heritage artefacts,” co-authored with Valentina Ljubić Tobisch from TU Wien, XRC – Röntgenzentrum; Ulrike Krippner from BOKU, Institut für Landschaftsarchitektur; and Gertrud Haidvogl from BOKU, Institut für Hydrobiologie und Gewässermanagement. This collaborative effort showcases the interdisciplinary nature of electron microscopy in analyzing and preserving cultural artifacts.
Join us for stimulating discussions and insights into cutting-edge electron microscopy techniques and applications on April 4–5, 2024 in Graz.
The workshop will be held in Lecture Hall 2 of the New Medical Campus Graz complex:
Medical University of Graz, Neue Stiftingtalstraße 6 West, Main Entrance.