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Upcoming online events

Washington Conservation Guild: 3-Ring Circus

January 20th, 2022, 17:00-19:00 EST (23:00-01:00 CET, Vienna)
On Zoom

Social Time from 17:00-17:30 EST
Lectures from 17:30-18:30 EST
This event is free to all!

To take part please RSVP here:  

The form will close on January 20th at 17:29

January 20, 2022
Ring 3: The Great Beyond

  • Treatment of a 15th century Illuminated Book of Hours by Laura McNulty
  • Rebooting the Suit: Research and Treatment of Alan Shepard’s Mercury Spacesuit by Margaret (Maggie) Bearden
  • Adapting Experimental and Modeling Workflows to create 3D Visualizations of Artist and Conservation Materials on Polychrome Objects by Roxanne Radpour

Death of an Artwork in Contemporary Art

Thu, January 20, 2022, 15:00 – 16:00 CET
Part 2: CAN! Conversations with INCCA Café
Panelists talk about how the art industry (outside museums) declare artworks “dead”.
Conservators: Lily Bennion, Zeeyoung Chin and Martha Singer
With Panelists:
Wendy Lindstrom, partner of Mazzola Lindstrom LLP, a law firm representing artists
and artist estates
Mary Sheridan, AVP Claim Salvage Manager, North America, Chubb Insurance
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Contemporary Art Conservation Revisited: 20 years later

Two-day online symposium at Bern Academy of the Arts HKB – 27.01.2022 and 28.01.2022
Program and further information: https://www.hkb.bfh.ch/de/aktuell/fachveranstaltungen/symposium-mmm/
Registration: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSccCwbxXaYyimHtAfuahE1XkWqqh–sOwQzMGglBsteLQ0pAw/viewform

HSAcademy Webinars – IPERION HS webinar series

08.02.2022, 15-16:00 CET
Webinar #2: New synchrotron light sources and paleontological studies
Speaker: Douglas Galante
Moderator: Matija Strlič and Jana Striová
More information and registration: tba
Download the IPHS webinar programme 2022

Operation Night Watch Symposium: Technological Innovations and Scientific Results on Rembrandt’s Night Watch

Online on April 11-14, 2022

The Rijksmuseum presents scientific results on Rembrandt’s Night Watch
Over the course of the last 2.5 years, Rembrandt’s Night Watch has been investigated with the most advanced research methods, computational and visualisation technologies. This Operation Night Watch symposium will focus on technological innovations and scientific results.

The free of charge symposium, which will be held online on April 11-14, 2022, will present innovative approaches, research challenges, new insights and breakthroughs in our understanding of the use of materials, the composition of the paint and build-up and the condition of the painting. The research has been performed from the macro to the nanoscale, in a non-invasive manner combined with micro-sampling. A wide range of scientific topics will be covered, including colour, chemical composition, degradation, texture, structural canvas analyses, cleaning studies, data fusion, visualisation tools and artificial intelligence.

During the symposium, the speakers will be present in the live chat to answer questions and discuss. The lectures will be prerecorded.
Further information and registration HERE


Recordings of webinars and podcasts

AIC & FAIC (American Institute for Conservation and Foundation For Advancement In Conservation) YouTube channel – with more than 400 videos

Plastics in Peril 2020 YouTube video collection from virtual international conference

ERIHS EU YouTube channel

HS Academy Resources (IPERION HS)

ICCROM (International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property) Official YouTube Channel

Perspectives on Jobs and Recruitment in Museums, Arts & Cultural Heritage, UCL Careers Podcast

Conservators Combating Climate Change

KHM Youtube-Kanal, “Donnerstagabend im Museum”

ICON – The Institute of Conservation YouTube channel

Mixed Reality in Cultural Heritage podcast hosted by Dr. Mariza Dima, a Mixed Reality designer and lecturer in Creative Technology for Games at Brunel University London

London Museums Group YouTube channel with webinar series “Embracing Agile” https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCl8–NOBaq3epfU5uuqNO-g/featured

International colloquium “Icon Restoration and Engineering Approaches” organized by TU Dresden in cooperation with institutions in Dresden, Moscow and St. Petersburg

Lecture series “Conservation Insights 2020” organised by INTACH Conservation Institute, YouTube channel

Presentations recordings from “International Symposium on the Testing of Materials for Storage and Display of Cultural Heritage”, 6th November, 2019 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Cultural Heritage at the ESRF: from the discovery of masters’ secrets to the conservation of artworks by Marine Cotte, ESRF synchrotron scientist (France)

Cultural and Natural Heritage by European Synchrotron Radiation Facility – ESRF YouTube playlist

Heritage Futures by ICOMOS (International Council on Monuments and Sites) Emerging Professionals Working Group https://www.icomos.org/en/member-area/74813-heritage-futures-webinar-icomos-emerging-professionals

Cultural Heritage: a powerful catalyst for the future of Europe – Europe Day 2020 Webinar

Climate Change and Cultural Heritage: a call to action! from ICA (International Council on Archives) on Facebook

The Best in Heritage
YouTube channel

In Our Words
Podcast of Canadian Conservation Institute (CCI) and Canadian Heritage Information Network (CHIN)