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Poster Hall: 3. Heritage Science Austria Meeting 2022

Welcome to the virtual Poster hall of the “3rd Heritage Science Austria Meeting 2022”!

To open a poster please click on the corresponding title. The poster will open in the new window/tab of your browser, and you will be able to zoom into the poster.

Amann, P., Brenner, S. et al.Etruskische Spiegel in Österreich – Multidisziplinäre Forschung zu einer der größten Objektgruppen der Etruskischen Kunst
Anevlavi, V. et al.Taking a closer look at the life cycle of marble objects: raw material procurement, manufacturing processes, use and significance, weathering, data management, and dissemination
Bassel, L. et al.IAEA fosters the development and applications of accelerator based analytical techniques for Heritage Science
Clouter, C.,
Weiss, A. et al.
Trouble in Store – defusing the battery problem at the Technical Museum Vienna
Cozzani, C. et al.New advances in understanding the curing, ageing, and photo-aging processes of blended Thitsiol/Urushiol Asian lacquers by THM-GC/MS and other techniques
Fragnoli, P. et al.Archaeometry and heritage science: connecting and dividing elements
Gassmann, P. et al.Plasticized PVC and minced mutton meat in an Artwork by Dieter Roth – challenges in understanding its aging behavior through scientific studies
Hallama, E. and Abromeit, K.SONIME Sonic Memories – Audio Letters in Times of Migration and Mobility
Kremer, G., Silnovic, N. et al.Colours revealed – Polychromy of Roman monuments in the Danubian provinces (PolychroMon)
Krippner, U. et al.Landscape Narratives: documentation of and research on designed landscapes. The Archive of Austrian Landscape Architecture LArchiv at BOKU Vienna
Ladstätter, S. et al.Keep up the tradition. Dry masonry as a sustainable conservation strategy for Ephesos
Ljubic Tobisch, V. et al.Portable electrochemical pencil instrumentation in metal conservation science
Ljubic Tobisch, V. et al.Surface characterization of Austrian Daguerreotypes
Monamy, E.How does history taste like? A closer look on food archaeology
Ortbauer, M., Sipek, B. et al.Long term mineral poultices with clay mineral content for the application in microbial and heavily salt contaminated monuments
Pinter, F. et al.Characterization of mineral building materials from the Fortress of Basthovë, Albania
Pitthard, V., Stanek, S. et al.Revisiting the imperial past – comprehensive scientific investigation and conservation treatment of historic lacquer coatings of the “Princes’ Dress Carriages” from the collection of the Wagenburg in Vienna
Rabbachin, L. et al.Integrating metagenomics and physico-chemical methods to unveil
bioweathering patterns on petroglyph sites in the Negev desert of Israel
Ries, M.-C. et al.New underwater archaeological explorations of an endangered submerged prehistoric site in Lake Wörthersee (Carinthia, Austria)
Uhlir, K. et al.The APPEAR project at the KHM: Multitechnological research on three mummy portraits of the KHM
Wieser, M., Verhoeven, G. et al.Acquiring centimetre-accurate camera coordinates in project INDIGO
Vetter, W. et al.DiTAH – a project to expand digital skills, methods and infrastructure
in humanities research and teaching
Waldherr, M. et al.Using long-read sequencing to explore the microbial community structures
on salt-weathered historical buildings
Wild, B. at al.How project INDIGO automatically turns graffiti photos into orthophotomaps
Zorin, I. et al.Optical coherence tomography in the long wavelength range: a prospective method for art object diagnosis

* the posters are listed in alphabetic order – by the first author’s surname. In case another author will be presenting the work at the meeting, his/her surname is given as well.

The book of abstracts is available here
Poster/research-related questions may be addressed directly to the corresponding author (where available, the hyperlink with email is provided for the author’s name).

Conference organizers can be reached using heritagescienceaustria[at]gmail.com

Looking forward to meeting you online on 23 September!